Concert Schedule
Date and Name Title of the concert/piece
Concert I
Media Project  Vol. 10
Azumi Yokomizo Time will tell.
Yoko Emura Tayura
Takuro Shibayama Airscape -rev.2  (4chRemix, 2007/2011) 
Yuka Nakamura  STM for video
Eri Nemoto  KUKURImoto for video
Shintaro Imai Figure in Aperture
Masatsune Yoshio Surround-sound-lights no.3 - 3rd movement
Concert II
Sonic Arts Project
Ban Wenlin The Grief and Conflict of the First Time for Soprano, Erhu and Computer 
Sumihisa Arima Improvisation with Laptop
Daichi Ando Towards to Black Plume: an improvisation work for a live
interactive breeding system and a saxophonist (Premiere)
Takuya Imahori L'alchimie
Yoichi Nagashima  Ural Power
Takeyoshi Mori Over the Blue
Takayuki Rai Active Figuration for solo violin and computer 
Concert III
Asia Computer Music Project (ACMP)
Richard Dudas Prelude for Clarinet and Computer
Nakamura Shigenobu Audio Visual Poem "TAMEIKI": Memories of the
Trip to Laos
Mikako Mizuno Telequantum  for two-node network performance with flute and piano 
Naotoshi Osaka A Dialogue with Max for violin and electroacoustics
Seongah Shin Unfinished Work for experimental film and music
Jeff Huang gImage Ih for Pipa and Electroacoustic Music
Rui Ogawa Shiyo  for Biwa & Electronics